Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pet Day Care and Boarding

Do you have errands to do or planning a vacation but you can’t leave your pets alone? Leave your pets to us and we will be very happy to take care of them while you finish your errand or while you take some time off and relax on your vacation.

We provide clean and safe kennels for your pets to rest and sleep in. Your pets also get their daily exercise while they are with us. Pets with special needs are also welcome at Pooch Park. We follow your schedule in feeding food, vitamins or medicine. We also follow other instructions provided by the owner so that your pet would not feel that he is away from home.

Clean and safe environment, experienced staff, and genuine love for animals are very important in choosing a day care and boarding facility. Pooch Park has all of these. And to attest to our excellent service, Pooch Park received several recognitions from prestigious award giving bodies; Pooch Park was awarded as the Most Outstanding Pet Care Center by the National Quality Awards. Furthermore, Top Brands Awards awarded Pooch Park as the Most Outstanding Pet Care and Food Shop.

  • Vaccination Records and Medical History
  • Dog or Cat Food
  • Vitamins or Medicine (with written schedule of administration)
  • Toys, bedding, bowls (optional)


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Pet Day Care and Boarding
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