Friday, October 26, 2018

Halloween at Pooch Park!

Halloween is all about kids, costumes and candy. Most of the time, your pet gets left out of the occassion entirely. But here at poochpark, we have ways to make Halloween fun for your furry family member as well!

Everyone is invited to bring their Furrbabies at selected Poochpark branches to join our halloween activity.

* just visit the selected poochpark branch and register at the cashier area together with your furrbabies
* your pet should perform a trick in order to get a treat
* we will also have a Halloween costume contest for your furrbabies. the contest will run from 3:00pm - 4:00pm
* the winner will get a special prize from the branch where they registered

Branches where you may register:

Unioil Marcos Highway

Robinson Metro east

Market! Market!

The District, Cavite

Greenwoods, Pasig

Robinsons Magnolia

Cicuit Lane, Makati

Ayala Marikina

See you there!

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Halloween at Pooch Park!
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